Fashionable manicure options: gray with pink and photo
Pink color, recently, can often be seen in interior design. And if previously given
A beautiful ceiling complements the atmosphere of the living room
Technology for making rough ceilings
Features of a wooden ceiling There are many options for arranging ceilings in wooden houses.
How to choose a color for the interior: trends, rules and tips photo No. 1
Color selection. Color trends in interior design
Blue The Pantone Color Institute has appointed Classic blue as the main shade of 2020 - deep, expressive
House in English: designs of houses in the English style
Types of attics The arrangement of the attic also depends on its varieties. Single-pitched Due to the location of the rafters and
Mosaic in landscape design
The bathroom is one of the few rooms in the house that receives special attention. Here, like nowhere else,
Design of plasterboard ceilings photo
Multi-level stretch ceilings: pros and cons
Design options for plasterboard ceilings There are various design options for plasterboard ceilings suitable for
Choosing a shower drain
The classic design of a shower stall with a curtain and a plastic tray is confidently being replaced by new designs. Instead of
We build country canopies and gazebos ourselves
Each owner of his own plot tries to improve the territory in the most comfortable way. For this, various
Greenhouse "DAYAS Lux", 4.4 x 1.25 x 1.5 m
Advantages and disadvantages of greenhouses made from arcs A greenhouse, which is made from arcs and covering material,
Even a small guest room can be decorated in English style
Fireplaces in English castles. Fireplace in English style. What are the requirements for its device?
The living room in the English style is characterized by a refined and simple interior. British style is elegance.
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