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Today, more and more people are striving to equip their homes with frameless furniture. One of its brightest representatives is the comfortable pear chair, which is loved by both adults and children. This bag-shaped chair fits harmoniously into any interior of a bedroom, living room or nursery. Its main advantages are its compactness and light weight, thanks to which the product can be moved to the right place at any time. In this regard, many become interested in how to make a pear bag or chair on their own.

Features of the pear chair

There are many ways to sew a pear chair with your own hands. To achieve success in this matter, basic sewing skills will not be superfluous, however, with a strong desire, such a task can be done even by a beginner. Modern designers of frameless furniture are constantly looking for new solutions that would expand the range of products with new shapes, colors and sizes.

The main problem when choosing such an accessory for relaxation is its high cost, which makes many abandon the idea of ​​purchasing it. So why not try to make your own bean bag chair? This will not only save the family budget, but also acquire an individual and original piece of furniture.

How to fill a bean bag chair at home?

Inside the bean bag chair, as many already know, there are polystyrene foam granules. Everyone also knows that during use, a bean bag chair decreases in size. This is a natural process, let's understand its nature.

The polystyrene ball itself consists of more than 90% air, which is trapped in miniature pores inside. Even the highest quality filler has the property of accumulating “residual deformations”. When the balls are stressed, for example when you sit in a chair, the pores near the surface burst. As a result of constant loads, the diameter of the ball decreases, and as a result, the total volume of filler in the bean bag also becomes smaller.

6-12 months average time until chair shrinks

Here are the main factors that influence the intensity of “shrinkage” of the filler in frameless furniture:

1. Load (the greater the weight, the stronger the deformation) 2. Duration of the load (the longer we sit, the faster it “sits”)

It turns out that we can combine both of these terms into one - “intensity of use”. You shouldn’t be upset about this, this is a natural process, like, for example, the need to periodically add engine oil to a car engine. Filler is a kind of consumable element of frameless furniture. To fill the chairs, we use first-class certified raw materials, which guarantees you unsurpassed quality and comfort of the chair.

Is it possible to ensure that the filling in a bean bag chair does not wrinkle over time?

Yes, we have a special filler that practically crumples.
This is high-density polystyrene foam, such as is used to fill the iQDesk series tables. What makes it special? It's simple, it is 3 times denser than standard filler. Physics lovers will immediately understand the downside of such an “unbreakable” filler for a frameless chair! A chair with 50-density granules is 3 times heavier than a regular one (!) For example, the weight of the Jeans Beanbag Chair is only 4 kg, and if it is filled with super granules - 12 kg. The result is a dubious benefit: you won’t need to refill the chair in six months or a year, but you will have to use a very heavy bag every day. It is also worth noting that the cost of 50-density granules is significantly higher, for example, for the specified size of Beanbag, the additional payment for “megaballs” will be about 1,500 rubles. We recommend using a standard density of granules to get maximum pleasure from the process of using frameless furniture. For your comfort, polystyrene granules for “topping up” chairs and sofas can always be ordered on the website:

65 liters

Standard filler bag

The convenient zippered bag can be used with the proprietary EyasRefill seat refill tube. The bag is also convenient because you don’t need to pour out all the balls at once: you add the required amount and close the bag - it’s very simple!

Tamm'anti-furniture lessons: How to fill a bean bag chair at home?

Important note! The most important thing in the process of filling a bean bag chair is its presence =) You can choose a high-quality bean bag chair in the Frameless Furniture Catalog (Caution! There are a lot of new products)

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Product benefits

The advantages of a bean bag chair include:

  1. Increased level of comfort. This can be achieved using bulk filler. It is also important that there is no rigid frame.
  2. Safety and environmental friendliness. The absence of corners allows you to arrange furniture without a frame in a child’s room, and eco-friendly materials prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions.
  3. Low thermal conductivity coefficient. The warmth of the filler, played by foam balls, is felt literally within a minute. Polystyrene foam is a heat reflector that warms a person with the energy of his own body.
  4. Compactness. The light weight of the chair makes it very practical. Plus, it doesn't take up much space.
  5. Ease of care. To keep the product clean, you only need to wash its removable cover from time to time.

This type of furniture is incredibly soft and bright. It can be made in the form of a bean bag, pear ottoman, etc. The classic variation is made in the form of a drop - this is a kind of bag, filled with soft bulk material that imitates liquid. Thanks to it, the pouf chair takes the shape of the body of the person sitting on it in a matter of seconds, ensuring an even distribution of weight.

Who invented the beanbag chair?

Not everyone knows who invented the bean bag chair and what it is made of, although both adults and children like it. Today we will learn a little history about the origin of the Beanbag chair.

Beanbag is a soft frameless chair. This is a fabric or leather bag filled with beans, buckwheat hulls, PVC granules, polystyrene foam or other materials.

A beanbag chair is chosen by those people who are trying to save space. A beanbag takes up less space, on average, than a typical chair or armchair. Various types of materials are used for the interior and exterior. You can see examples of such chairs at

The outer layer of the chair can be made of fabric, leather, suede, corduroy or even synthetic fur. It is a practical piece of furniture that adapts to the shape of whoever sits in it, making it versatile for people of all body types.

The first bean bag chair was called Sacco. It was introduced in 1968 by three Italian designers:

  • Piero Gatti
  • Cesare Paolini
  • Franco Teodoro

That same year, the Italian company Zanotta produced the first pear-shaped leather bean bags. The beanbag was created during the Italian modernism movement.

Other designers took the shapeless chair concept and began producing them.

Beanbag: advantages

Currently, there are many types of such chairs. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. From extremely small to huge. The size depends on the purpose of the beanbag chair. There are children's bags and king bags for adults. Now they even produce double beanbag chairs, on which two people can sit comfortably at a time. But all bean bags have one thing in common: a casual and relaxing design. These chairs are easy to integrate into any room and are very inexpensive compared to most other types of furniture.

The price of such a chair is lower than the price of a wooden chair. And it has a huge number of advantages:

Their big advantage is that they are easy to care for. The outer cover is easily removable, you can wash it and put it back on.

A bean bag chair also provides relaxation and helps eliminate mental stress and depression that can cause headaches.

Also, by purchasing such a chair you will save nature. After all, entire forests are cut down to make furniture, and a bean bag chair is made from fabric and filling.

You can buy a bean bag chair for the outdoors, which you can take to a picnic and use at home.

Now you know that the bean bag chair appeared not so long ago and has become popular all over the world due to its advantages.

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Selecting material for making a beanbag chair

When choosing the right material, it is important to take into account the property of frameless furniture to wear out over time. Taking this nuance into account, a lot depends on the correct choice of fabric. It must have qualities such as strength and softness. Avoid materials such as silk, satin and satin - they are very thin and fragile, so they are not suitable for such products.

The outer cover can be made of velor or flock. Imitating faux fur, these materials are quite soft, durable, fleecy and velvety. In addition, flock has water-repellent properties. If finances allow, you can use artificial suede, leather or tapestry. The latter natural material is characterized by high strength and density, as well as antistatic properties.

As for the requirements for the fabric from which the inner bag is sewn, it must “breathe” - nothing should prevent the passage of air through the bag-shaped chair. When making a pear chair, the inner bag should not be made of slippery and crumbly fabrics, as well as lining materials. To finish this part, pay attention to calico or flannel. You can also use cotton, satin or chintz folded in half.

Saying Bag in Asian Languages

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Fillers – what are they?

Speaking of filler, polystyrene foam granules are almost always used. This is due to the excellent qualities of the material:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • moisture-repellent properties;
  • hygiene;
  • antihygroscopicity;
  • at an affordable price.

Additionally, we note that the granules are very soft, they cannot be damaged if the bean bag is used by a child.

The process of sewing a pear chair

Before you start sewing a pear chair with your own hands, you should focus on a few points. The product consists of outer and inner covers. For the first one, you will need a meter-long zipper and a handle to make the chair easy to carry. The inner cover also has a zipper so that you can remove the bag filler and stuff it if necessary.

Materials and accessories needed for sewing:

  • material for the inner cover (3 m);
  • fabric for the outer cover (3 m);
  • 2 snakes (40 cm and 1 m);
  • filler (300 l).

To make a beanbag chair, first of all, a pattern for a pear chair must be drawn up, which will significantly simplify the sewing process. Elements of the pattern can be transferred to paper to make it easier to work, or directly to fabric. Next, you will need to take care of the seam allowances (1.5-2 cm). When choosing bulk material, the edges of the cuts should be processed with a zigzag stitch, which will protect the cuts from falling off. It is also necessary to cut 6 wedges for each cover and 1 hexagon for the top and bottom.

The parts of the outer cover are assembled in several stages. It all starts by folding the first 2 wedges with the right sides facing inward. At the top and bottom of the fabric you need to leave 12-14 cm for the zipper, and then sew it on with a sewing machine. Continuing to make your own pouf, attach the next wedge and press the seam. Similar actions should be done with other elements of the base. To secure the seam allowances, make a stitch on the outside of the cover, leaving 1-1.5 cm from the seam. Now you can start sewing the base and bottom of the product.

Further actions

The inner cover is sewn in exactly the same way as the outer one. The only thing is that to sew in a 40-centimeter zipper at the top and bottom, you should retreat 45 cm. The next step is filling or stuffing the inner cover with polystyrene balls. Please note that serious problems can occur if this material enters the respiratory system, so be extremely careful and use a special mask! The cover must be filled to 2/3 of the total volume of the bag. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • carefully place the inner case in the outer one, connecting all the elements evenly;
  • take an unnecessary plastic bottle and cut off its top and bottom to create a wide funnel;
  • cut off one corner of the bag containing the filler and tape the top edge of the funnel to the hole using tape;
  • the bottom of the funnel should be placed in the inner case and polystyrene foam should be poured inside;
  • zippers need to be fastened.

This is how the filler is poured into the pear chair. If you do not understand how to make this piece of frameless furniture, the corresponding master class will help you, which describes step by step the process of creating and assembling a bean bag chair. After watching it, you will understand that you don’t need a master to create a comfortable chair with your own hands, because you can do this task yourself. This does not require special skills and abilities, the main thing is the desire to create and follow the recommendations of professionals.

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