Instructions for installing sauna doors

Nowadays, there are various types of cabinets in almost every home. Sliding wardrobes and built-in structures are convenient for storing things and save space. While such furniture is often made from different types of trees, the doors are often made from glass. This is not surprising, because glass cabinet doors look original and modern. A large range of products allows you to choose matte, embossed surfaces, products with patterns of different colors, which gives endless design possibilities. Of course, glass cabinet doors have their advantages and disadvantages.

Convenient dressing room with sliding doors

How to make a hinged cabinet door

Hello, dear readers and DIYers!
There are quite a lot of different mechanisms by which you can implement a folding door for a cabinet. However, they are quite expensive. In this article, the author of the YouTube channel “Woodworking Tips and Tricks” will tell you about a very simple and affordable method of making a mechanism for a hinged door.

In addition, this door can be completely hidden at the top of the shelf, providing full access to its contents.

Materials. — Sheet plywood — Rollers from drawer guides — Wood screws.

I thank the author for the unusual and simple design of a folding door for a closet!

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The author's video can be found here.


Glass door safety

For greater safety, we recommend our customers to use tempered glass. It is much stronger, and as a result of destruction, its fragments are safe for human health. When we manufacture glass doors for fireplaces and stoves, we use specialized heat-resistant and fire-resistant glass, which in turn best meets all safety criteria.

We can quickly and efficiently repair broken glass doors, replace broken glass in a glass door for a cabinet or fireplace. The extensive experience of our glass cutting workshop specialists allows them to complete work of any complexity. We will make custom glass doors.

How to install swing and sliding doors in a closet with your own hands

In a spacious or small apartment there are always wardrobes, cupboards, and bedside tables that provide places for organizing and securely storing clothes, dishes, books, and other necessary things behind a closed facade. This is why cabinet doors perform one of the most important structural functions.

Today it is proposed to use various methods of fastening traditional swing doors, as well as sliding ones, which are installed mainly in sliding wardrobes. You can install any doors into a closet with your own hands if you familiarize yourself with the mechanisms of their operation and follow detailed instructions.

Pros of using glass doors in closets

Traditionally, regular and built-in cabinet furniture for storing things is made of wood, including doors. This is due to the strength and reliability of the material, but with the development of new technologies, glass sashes are no longer inferior to wooden sashes in terms of durability and safety. Modern glass after the tempering procedure becomes impact-resistant, not subject to deformation and scratches. Therefore, you can give preference to it to completely transform the interior.

Another advantage is the large scope for choosing a design solution. There are many options for glass doors - matte, glossy, mirrored, with sand patterns, stained glass. Compared to wooden products, they look modern, stylish, and unusual. Sliding glass doors for closets are in greatest demand. They require virtually no free space, open with one easy movement of the hand, allowing you to quickly free up access to the necessary wardrobe items.

Glass is an environmentally friendly material that tolerates moisture and temperature changes well, so a cabinet with doors made from it can be installed in any room, including the bathroom, as well as in a bathhouse or sauna.

Hinged glass doors are also in demand. They are familiar, convenient, easy to install, and allow you to immediately see all the necessary space in the closet.

Glass doors with decor for a built-in wardrobe

Installation of a swing facade on furniture hinges

Today there are the following types of door hinges:

  • hinged;
  • four-hinged (overhead, semi-overhead or inset);
  • products for glass structures;
  • corner;
  • inverse.

How to mount a door leaf on hinges

Before installing hinges on the door and cabinet wall, you need to take into account the material the furniture is made of, and also determine how many door hinges will be needed. The number of products used depends on the size of the door and its weight. For example, with a facade height of about 1500-2000 cm, which weighs up to 13 kg, you will need 3 hinges.

Get ready for work

You should select the following tools with which you can hang swing doors in a closet with your own hands. Prepare:

  • electric drill and drill corresponding to the diameter of the mounting screw;
  • milling machine, nozzle of equal diameter;
  • tape measure, pencil for marking;
  • building level;
  • We screwed it with a regular screwdriver that fits the size of the fasteners.


  1. Mark the location on the door to install the hinges. The distance between the loops depends on the height of the fabric, and 8-15 cm should be measured from the edge.
  2. Place the hinge on the door and use a pencil to mark the location for the cup of the fixture.
  3. Drill out niches for the cup using a router with an attachment. Use the sharpest possible tool, drilling to a depth of 13mm.
  4. Insert the loop inside the finished recess, align the device horizontally. Mark the locations for preparing holes for fastenings.
  5. Drill holes for fasteners.
  6. Attach the hinge to the door surface.
  7. Place the door against the cabinet body with your own hands, align the position of the panel, and mark the cabinets where the strike plate should be installed.
  8. Drill through the cabinet at the marked points.
  9. Install the strike plate onto the screws.
  10. Connect both parts of the loops.
  11. Use a screwdriver to adjust the hinge to the correct position.

Work order

In order to make the adjustment yourself, you only need to study the basic principles of this type of door and general information about breakdowns and how to fix them. And, of course, you will need the appropriate tools.

Basic information

Clamping mechanism


  • To make adjustments, use a 4 mm hex key (number 40).
  • Horizontal adjustment of the metal-plastic door is carried out using the upper and lower hinges. To carry out this work, special holes for a hexagon are provided in the hinges. To adjust the top hinge, you must first open the door.
  • When the hexagon rotates clockwise, its flap is attracted to the hinge. At the same time, the bottom of the metal-plastic door opposite the hinge rises. Accordingly, if the hexagon is turned counterclockwise, the sash will gradually move away from the hinge. In this case, the bottom of the product, located on the side of the opposite loop, will lower.
  • Adjustment using the bottom hinge can be done from the inside when the structure is open.
  • The methods listed above allow you to eliminate the bevel or move the frame (the adjustment stroke is ±2 millimeters).


Sliding wardrobe panels

The sliding wardrobe is the most popular furniture today. This is facilitated by the ability to rationally use living space. Often the closet occupies the entire space from floor to ceiling, has a large capacity and, when using a sliding door, does not at all interfere with the movement next to it.

In order for such storage furniture to serve for a long time and without failure, it is important to correctly assemble the entire structure. The main role belongs to the flawless installation of sliding facades. By precisely fulfilling the requirements and recommendations of specialists, a person with the skills to use special tools can install the cabinet door system with his own hands.

What do you need for work?

Before you start installing the door yourself, check that you have the necessary components for the sliding system in the closet. In addition to the facades themselves, the following must be prepared:

  • Bottom and top rails or guide profiles. These are the main parts that ensure the movement of the door leaf.
  • Motion limiters and stoppers. Parts that help the door move smoothly along the guide rail and stop the movement at a certain point.
  • Closers are mechanisms that ensure the sliding of the door panel.
  • Accessories for façade systems. For example, seals, screws, rollers, etc.

Prepare your tools:

  • electric drill;
  • metal drill with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • a set of straight and Phillips screwdrivers;
  • spirit building level;
  • imbus key;
  • plumb line;
  • sandpaper;
  • pliers;
  • hammer;
  • stationery knife;
  • roulette.

Carefully familiarize yourself with the main structural elements of the sliding wardrobe door and their location.

Step-by-step instruction

You can begin installing sliding facades with your own hands only after the installation of the wardrobe itself has already been completely completed. The doors of the structure must be set according to the level. When performing work, be extremely careful and careful, as components can be easily damaged.

  1. Measure the width of the cabinet opening at the top as accurately as possible. The top guide rail will be mounted there. You need to subtract 1-2 mm from the obtained value.
  2. Use a ruler (square) to accurately mark the cutting line perpendicularly according to the obtained size. Cut the profile using a grinder or a hacksaw.
  3. We prepare mounting holes for self-tapping screws. Along the entire length of the guide profile, at regular intervals of about 40-60 cm, mark the holes for the screws; they should be located on the same line.
  4. To avoid damaging the profile while drilling, use a chair, table, etc. as a support. Drill the holes, then sand the edges with sandpaper.
  5. Install the finished guide profile in the upper opening of the wardrobe. Use screws or self-tapping screws for this.
  6. Trim the lower profile in the same way as the top one. Mark the mounting holes, then drill and sand the edges of the cuts.
  7. Install a stopper at both ends of the profile guide. The device is designed to fix the state of the cabinet door leaf in the closed position. For the latch to function correctly, it must be inserted: in the right panel - in the recess on the right, in the left panel - in the recess on the left.

  1. We use a plumb line to check the correct position of the profile.
  2. Installing a door on profiles in a wardrobe. Alignment of the position of the facade canvas.

The sliding system used involves the use of special rollers, which are placed on both sides of the facade (top and bottom). The upper elements are stationary; they fix the door leaf. The lower rollers perform the function of workers - the door moves along them.

  1. Carefully insert the upper rollers with your own hands into a special place in the upper profile, and the lower wheels into the groove of the lower profile rail. The diagram clearly illustrates installation locations and methods.
  2. The sliding wardrobe doors are installed, it's time to adjust their position. For this, there are special wheels that are located on both sides of each door leaf. To properly adjust the balance, the cabinet doors must be in the closed position.

Adjusting glass doors

Do-it-yourself glass door repairs

Glass doors are an expensive and fragile structure that should not be repaired or adjusted independently without proper qualifications in such matters.
Any wrong action can lead to consequences when you have to replace expensive parts that can no longer be restored. Ignorance of the subtleties available to specialists leads to greater damage to glass doors, which will cause the initial problem to appear. In addition, repairing some structural elements requires special tools, welding equipment and the ability to use it. When turning to recently established organizations with inexpensive services or companies whose work has no real customer reviews for help, there are certain risks:

  • Unreliable repairmen are given full access to the entrance, which can be used for criminal purposes. Employees of little-known companies are not screened when hiring and may have a criminal record. Restoration by such specialists may pursue selfish goals: remove a duplicate key, determine the vulnerability of the door and methods of entering the premises.
  • Small companies that have not earned a reputation cannot provide a guarantee for the work performed, since they have not been repairing glass doors for long enough and do not have experience in similar industries.
  • The qualifications of craftsmen from little-known companies who carry out repair work are questionable.

To be confident about the quality of repairs or adjustments to individual elements of a glass structure, you need to contact trusted organizations. Our company has been solving lock and door problems for more than 5 years. We provide a guarantee for services for up to 3 years. In addition, all replaced items are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Adjusting glass door elements: reasons

In practice, there are typical problems that account for the majority of breakdowns. Such malfunctions have been well studied by specialists, and optimal algorithms for solving the issue have been developed. Most often, repairs are provoked by:

  • Closing door closer wear. Caused by an incorrectly calculated load or incorrect operation of the glass door: forced closing until fully activated, sudden jerks when opening. You should not prop up the sash of the street door or in any other way impede the correct operation of the door closer. The problem of repairing a glass door is solved by adjusting or completely replacing the mechanism, depending on the malfunction and the degree of wear of the parts. Fixing a broken glass door closer often requires specific plumbing and welding operations.
  • Sagging. The main reason is incorrect installation of the door. Often, incorrect settings of door leaf fasteners or poor-quality fittings cause a situation where over time the canopies weaken. As a result, repairs are needed due to gaps in double-leaf structures or when the sash begins to cling to the floor covering when moving. The problem is solved by replacing fasteners or adjusting the blade.
  • Accessories. Due to the high mechanical load and opening-closing cycles, it breaks most often. To prevent the repair of glass doors, periodic work should be carried out to adjust and clean the elements from dirt, corrosion, and dust in order to prevent serious damage. This advice is especially relevant for owners of sliding-type curtains. The prices for repairing accessories are often comparable to buying new ones, so the devices are replaced.
  • Glass. Manufacturers of door products claim that the leaves can withstand a direct impact with a force of up to 70 kg. However, in practice this turns out to be insufficient. The sashes often suffer from physical impacts: they crack, chips appear on the surface, or it breaks entirely. Repair of glass doors consists of complete replacement of the door leaf.
Prevention of glass door malfunctions

In most cases, if we are not talking about broken glass, at the first manifestation of the problem it is enough to adjust the operation of the elements of the canvas. These measures, aimed at correcting structural problems, are carried out without significantly restoring the front door or replacing important elements. The procedure allows you to eliminate problems in their infancy and avoid unnecessary expenses. It is recommended to carry out the adjustment in cases where problems begin with fittings, opening or closing. It may be necessary when the canvas is sagging or when the sash moves spontaneously. In such situations, the awnings or hinges are adjusted depending on the mechanics.

Door adjustment can be preventive, during which the moving elements are serviced, their condition and wear are assessed, as well as the fittings are cleaned of corrosion, dirt and dust. These actions extend the service life of the structure.

Three rules for long-term door operation
  1. To install a glass door, contact a reputable company. There are many subtleties in installation that an inexperienced owner may not notice or be unaware of their existence. Unskilled work and low-quality cheap fittings are the most common reasons why glass doors are repaired.
  2. Proper operation. Follow all the rules for handling door closers and treat the canvas with care. For sliding sashes, it is important to keep the structure clean. If dirt or dust gets on the runners and rollers and accumulates there, this leads to wear on the elements and damage to the door.
  3. Periodically carry out maintenance and adjustments to the operation of the moving elements of the door. This will help to avoid problems, identify faults at an early stage and avoid large expenses for restoring door structures in the future.
Glass door adjustment by company

Our organization is engaged in professional repair and adjustment of door structures. The company's craftsmen are certified to carry out all types of work and have specialized education. If there is a problem with the door, our employees:

  • They will arrive at their destination in Moscow and the region within 20 minutes. Repair or adjustment of the glass structure begins immediately, since the master thinks in advance about ways to solve the problem with the door based on the input information from the client, which he receives from the logistics department.
  • They will offer a rational solution to the issue, as well as ways to correct defects and malfunctions of glass doors with greater benefit for the client. Replacement of door parts during restoration occurs without an additional visit to the store. The technician takes with him all the necessary components for repairs.
  • The price of services will be discussed before concluding a contract. The cost of repairs does not change as the work progresses.

The company operates around the clock, without holidays or weekends. It is possible to go to the site at a time previously agreed upon with the client.

To get advice on repairing a glass door, the cost of the work, and also order a service, call or fill out the form on the website.

What is Schlegel for cabinets, its types and installation instructions

One of the reasons for the incorrect operation of the sliding system in sliding wardrobes may be the lack of a seal. During assembly, careless craftsmen, out of savings or accidentally forget to put in the Schlegel. Let’s look at what lies behind the name “schlegel”, which is outlandish for the common man, what is the purpose of this fittings and how difficult it is to secure it with your own hands.

Despite its unprepossessing appearance, the schlegel is an important accessory for a coupe cafe.

Application of Schlegel for sliding wardrobes

The door seal is not as simple as it seems. In the professional world, this type of fittings is divided according to a number of parameters, but before moving on to the intricacies of choice and purpose, let's look at the definition.

What is a furniture door seal?

Schlegel is a narrow fleecy strip that is glued to the side vertical profiles of sliding wardrobe doors.

This strip has a dual purpose: firstly, it softens the impact of the side vertical profile on an adjacent surface (cabinet wall or adjacent door), and secondly, it blocks the movement of house dust both from the cabinet and into the cabinet.

Nowadays, seals are produced for all types of side door profiles.

What other names does Schlegel have?

Craftsmen call such fittings differently; the most common names include the following:

  • Boot - these tapes have a pile length from 7 mm to 15 mm, as the name implies, the main purpose is protection from dust;
  • Seal – the length of the pile of the seals does not exceed 6 mm. At the dawn of mass production of sliding wardrobes, there were attempts to attach soft rubber, foam rubber and silicone stickers to the end of the doors, but practice has shown that in operation the pile is an order of magnitude ahead of its competitors;
  • The shock-proof brush, buffer strip and shock-absorbing strip are, in fact, speech analogues of the above-mentioned sealing tape.

The most popular are schlegels with a width of 7 mm.


  • Noise protection - the smooth movement of the door leaf along the guides indicates the quality of the roller system, but the door itself is heavy and even with a slight push it hits the side obstacle hard. Without schlegels, the “music” of opening doors will be heard by all the neighbors in the area, not to mention the household;
  • Shockproof protection - sliding wardrobes are assembled from laminated chipboard, MDF, veneered furniture board and natural wood. None of these materials are considered shockproof. And if we also take into account that the blows of the door profile will be applied constantly and at one point, then without compaction within six months the side wall will lose all attractiveness;

Glass and mirror doors have become popular lately. Acrylic glass is not afraid of impacts, but ordinary quartz glass can crack if hit hard. In addition, shockproof tempered glass has critical points at the ends and a light blow to such a point leads to multi-link destruction of the glass sheet.

Reputable manufacturers produce sealing tapes in a wide range of colors.

  • Dust protection - at least 70% of sliding wardrobes are used for storing clothes, bed linen and other similar things. Simply put, any clothes closet is a large dust collector. House dust is one of the ten allergens dangerous to humans, and any protection against it will not be superfluous.

What materials are door shock absorbers made of?

The first models of shock-absorbing gaskets for doors were made of felt; the material is good, but short-lived. Now the share of felt models has decreased to 15–20%. The main market is occupied by synthetic polypropylene tapes with different densities.


Tips for choosing

To choose the right fasteners for glass door panels, you should consider the following points:

  1. Type of steel. High-quality fittings are made from stainless steel, which has been cold formed;
  2. Some products are made of brass, but this material is too soft, so such hinges must also contain other materials that have greater hardness.
  3. Bronze alloy is a good option. Such glass door fasteners are durable and will not wear out during use.
  4. Aluminum door hinges cannot withstand significant loads, so it is advisable to install this type of fittings on lightweight furniture doors.
  5. Thanks to a wide range of colors, you can choose hinges for any interior.

Design features and operating mechanism

The loop consists of the following elements: cup (1), shoulder (2), striker (3). The cup is inserted into a blind hole in the door, which is drilled with a milling cutter and fixed with two self-tapping screws through holes located on the flange (5).

A counterplate is fixed to the furniture wall with self-tapping screws, which is attached to the arm (2) and the cup using a mounting screw (6) and a mounting groove (7). An adjustment screw (8) is located on the arm to adjust the height of the arm relative to the strike plate and align the door after installation.

Design features of furniture hinges

To work you will need:

  • drill: thin drills, milling attachment with a diameter of 35 mm;
  • pencil, tape measure (ruler);
  • screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver;
  • building level.

Sliding glass door fittings

You can begin work on installing a shower cabin only if the complete set includes fittings for sliding glass doors. A set of fasteners, seals, guides and knobs will allow installation work to be carried out in the shortest possible time and at a high quality level.

The catalog contains:

  • kit for sliding shower partition;
  • rectangular track (2200 – 30*10 mm);
  • roller with fastening to glass (D=39 mm);
  • limiter;
  • end fastening for rectangular track;
  • attaching the track to the glass;
  • stopper on a rectangular track;
  • pipe-to-pipe series connector (90° connection);
  • bottom guide;
  • set of knobs (different configurations for 12 mm glass).

All sliding glass fittings are made of stainless steel and chrome-plated. Fasteners, guides, hinges, sliding and sliding rollers are endowed with a dim sparkle characteristic of a modern interior.

Adjustment and Leveling

At this stage, you need to work at the construction level - determine the correspondence of the frame parts to the door leaf. To do this, the level is applied to 3 planes - to the two sides and to the front. They should be as even as possible. That is, there should be no gaps or deviations between the frame and the door leaf.

Alignment begins with adjusting the vertical gap. To do this, pressing the facade against the frame, tighten the fixing screws on the strip. Then close the door and check the possible angles of inclination with a building level.

By adjusting the screws, all gaps between the facade and the frame are eliminated. For example, if the upper corner is tilted to the right, tighten the screws on the upper hinge and loosen the screws on the lower one.

Then they begin to adjust the doors according to their height. Two self-tapping screws located on the “ears” of the strike plate are responsible for this. To begin with, loosen the screws on all hinges, raise or lower the canvas (depending on the situation). Then tighten the screws until they stop, holding the facade in the desired position.

Installing hinges on glass doors

Four-hinged hinges for glass doors are distinguished by the presence of a special tab for attaching the cup and a cover for masking the device from the outside.

If you have no experience working with glass, it is better to turn to specialists to drill holes. Before this, you need to establish preliminary markings of the locations of the loop cups. At the same time, they also take into account the hole where the handle will be hung.

Overhead hinges are also used for glass doors, which can be hung without drilling glass.

You need to place and secure the cup in the drilled holes using a tab, and attach the counter plate to the box with self-tapping screws. Afterwards the door is aligned along three planes.

For glass doors, overhead hinges are also used, which can be hung and fastened without drilling the glass. They are mounted inside the box; accordingly, all shelves in the closet must be recessed inward. Suitable for light sashes only. For example, for the bookcase department.

Four-hinged hinges come in different modifications, which can be selected depending on the location of the panel relative to the box and the cabinet itself in the room.


The canvas attached to this loop is completely perpendicular to the body and covers the stand. Used when the door overlaps the side rail of the cabinet.


Half waybill

It is used when two doors need to be hung on one rack. Each facade overlaps the end of the rack by half.


The door leaf is perpendicular to the post, but does not overlap its end.

The overhead hinges also differ in the angle of inclination. This is necessary for installing corner cabinet doors. Depending on the difference between the angle of the facade and the perpendicular to the stand, you can select hinges with an opening angle: -25 °, 30 °, 45 °, -45 °, 90 °.



Used to create composite facades from several doors or in cabinets with drawers that are hidden


It has all the characteristics of a four-hinged hinge, only without inserting the cup into the facade body. It is attached with self-tapping screws, so it is only suitable for fabrics with a dense texture.


Drill-free canopies

Such fittings are necessary for installing sheets of thin or non-tempered glass. They are often chosen for their attractive appearance. The fittings, which do not require drilling, are complemented by similar locks and handles. Methods for attaching them to glass:

  1. Clamp The glass is inserted into the hinge and secured with clamping bolts. To seal, the canopy design includes a special gasket: adhesive, plastic or rubber. The material of this gasket is selected depending on the thickness of the door leaf. Adhesive ones are suitable for glass up to 5 mm thick, plastic ones up to 8 mm, rubber ones up to 10 mm. In this way, glass is inserted into hinges with horizontal side fastening.
  2. Emphasis. In hinges of this type, instead of clamping bolts, special stops are used to secure the glass.

Other types of furniture hinges

Card, piano, and hinge hinges are rarely used for installing cabinet doors. They do not have three-level adjustment and do not lock the door in the open and closed position. An additional fastener is needed. Today they are more often used as an additional decorative element. For example, antique.


For installation of horizontal overhead panels that open upwards.



Used for hanging downward opening facades.

Secretary room

We have learned in our practice how proper installation and adjustment of hinges affects the operation of the cabinet as a whole. Some time after assembly, the door of the wardrobe or kitchen cabinet stopped closing - the upper part of the door rested on the frame.

To correct the misalignment and use the cabinet normally, I had to readjust all the hinges. Therefore, during installation, it is advisable to prevent any deviations; any gap can lead to deformation of the entire cabinet structure.


Installation of glass screens

Glass screens are used everywhere in Moscow: in offices for arranging workplaces, in shopping centers for separating departments, in apartments and houses for proper zoning of premises. They do not hide the space, they additionally decorate it, giving lightness and airiness to the entire interior. Such structures can have a frame or remain frameless. The first option is distinguished by high soundproofing properties, the second – by openness.

The type of installation of glass partitions is selected depending on the desired design. Screens can be folding, hanging, transforming, or compartment. The only thing that distinguishes them from traditional partitions is mobility. If necessary, screens are equipped with wheels or legs.

Types of valves

Niche doors are made from various materials. Thus, the stores offer designs from:

You can choose from glass, metal, plastic or wood

The choice of door depends on the style of the room. Wood always looks good, but is expensive. Instead of solid wood products, you can choose options made from MDF or plastic. These materials also last a long time and have their own advantages.

Glass panels are suitable for a recess, beautifully decorated inside. If an electric meter is installed in it, pipes and wires pass through it, then it is better to make a cabinet with an opaque door.


Wood is more suitable for decorating interiors in a house in a classic style, as well as Provence, country, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, and ethnic. You can choose doors of any design: varnished, stained, acrylic painted.

Wooden doors are not suitable for the bathroom. There is high humidity here, which can soon cause the wood to become deformed. In a rustic kitchen, you can make a cabinet in a niche and close it with a wooden door in olive or cream color. Canvases made of thin wooden slats are suitable for the bedroom and hallway - wicker baskets with things can be stored in such a recess.

Disadvantages of glass closet doors

Glass doors in cabinet and built-in furniture are attractive and reliable, but have some disadvantages. If the doors are sliding, they can be quite difficult to install. Only specialists can cope with the special mechanism. Over time, such systems tend to become loose due to frequent use, which leads to damage to the surface. Hinged doors require a lot of space to open and have sharp corners that can cause injury if not careful.

Glass requires careful care, as fingerprints, dust, and dirt remain clearly visible on the surface. For cleansing, it is better to use special products that can restore the original shine. This primarily applies to mirrored or glossy products; with matte, embossed glass there is less hassle.

The high cost, compared to wooden doors, is also important. New material processing technologies - hardening, matting, silk-screen printing - have made glass doors expensive, but of high quality and beautiful. Whoever gives them preference and does not save money will receive wonderful furniture with doors that will serve for many years, delighting with their irresistible appearance.

A wardrobe with glass doors will be appropriate in any room - in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway and kitchen. Depending on the design, it will expand the surrounding space, completely transform it, and add coziness and comfort.

Before choosing certain glass doors for a cabinet, you need to decide what effect you want to achieve. By following all the rules of interior design, you can use them to achieve an impeccable look for the room and get rid of unnecessary inconveniences, making the space as stylish and beautiful as possible.

Types of doors

Canvases come in different designs. The most commonly installed types are:

For a classic-style interior, choose wooden doors with a mirror. This will make the room appear larger.

All these designs are very compact. With the exception of swing doors: they do not open like standard interior doors. The wooden (or plastic) sheet is usually carefully moved or assembled. Therefore, all designs are suitable for installation and installation in small spaces.


This design is a door leaf to which a handle is attached. There are such doors in every apartment. They can be placed in a niche only if the room is spacious and the opening door will not interfere or rest against furniture or a wall.

Swing models are suitable for placement in the corridor or on the balcony. You can put a double-leaf structure here - it looks even more interesting. Single doors are suitable for recesses approximately the same width as the doorway.


If the niche is too wide, it can be hidden behind sliding doors. The canvas is mounted on a rail and can move in any direction. This is the design of the wardrobe.

Such canvases are ideal for a closet or dressing room. They can be placed in an opening of any width.

Sliding doors for niches do not take up much space and are suitable for any room. Usually behind them there is a hidden dressing room or wardrobe for outerwear. You can attach a mirror to one of the canvases.


Such canvases consist of two identical halves, which are assembled with an accordion in one movement. This is a very compact and convenient design, which when opened creates a wide doorway.

Folding products are often installed in the hallway, bedroom or on the balcony. For the corridor, it is better to order models of the same design as the interior ones. Then they will not violate the overall concept of the interior.


They are ideal for small recesses converted into cabinets. They can be used to close a square or arched opening. It is better to choose louver structures made of wood or colored plastic. Iron blinds are suitable for office interiors.

In a niche with such doors you can put beautiful cardboard boxes or rattan baskets. They will be visible through the blinds. Such canvases are also suitable for the kitchen. You can hide jars of cereals and spices behind them.


Competent and high-quality performance of work on the installation of translucent structures (TSS) determines their further service life. Our company has all the necessary material and technical resources: specialized transport, production base, modern tools and experience in servicing objects of various levels of complexity. The work is carried out jointly with the design and engineering department. All products and installation work are guaranteed.

In addition to the manufacture and installation of SPC, we offer assistance in the development of individual design projects in accordance with customer requirements. An application for the manufacture and installation of structures made of glass, wood, metal can be submitted to the Moscow office at the address: st. Izumrudnaya, 8 (metro station Babushskinskaya) or in the office in Korolev, st. Pionerskaya, 1A, and also send technical specifications through the online support form.

In our office you can:

  • Get acquainted with samples of materials and technologies using the example of finished products and catalogs.
  • Get a free consultation with a manager.
  • Order the development of a design project taking into account your wishes and technical conditions of the premises.

For the manufacture and installation of SPC, we offer the service of visiting a technical specialist, who can be carried out together with a consultant-designer.

The technician performs:

In case of refusal of subsequent installation work, the cost of paid services for visiting a specialist will not be refunded. All technical documentation (sketches, drawings, templates, etc.), which is the result of an inspection of the facility, is the property of the Contractor.

  1. Inspection of the room, openings, corners, condition of walls, flooring, ceiling, cornice, plinth, external and internal communications.
  2. Helps with the selection of options for technical product designs and materials.
  3. Coordinates technical conditions for installation work.
  4. Makes a preliminary order for further cost calculation.

Attention! All settlement and financial transactions are carried out at the Company’s office or at the location of the customer’s facility, using cash register equipment with the mandatory issuance of a cash receipt stamped by Glassstrade LLC.

Installation within the Moscow Ring Road

Installation outside the Moscow Ring Road

[td]Installation costs in Moscow and the Moscow region

Zones 1-5 - from 1000 rub.
6-8 zone - from 20,000 rubles.

Door leaf design

There are a lot of door design options. Solid wood products are coated with varnish or paint, and a composition is selected that will highlight the texture of the wood. So, in a Provence-style kitchen, olive or lilac-colored doors will look good, and brown wooden doors are suitable for the bedroom.

Accent on a dark corner of the kitchen

Doors made of MDF can be with inserted frosted glass, decorated with patterns. They are placed in the corridor or hallway. Iron doors are rarely decorated with decorative elements, because they are installed in minimalist interiors.

Plastic is also in demand. It comes in different colors and works well. Products that imitate wood are popular; designs made of bright plastic also look original, but they are not suitable for all styles. Glass sheets can be made of transparent or darkened material.

Installation of glass doors

Aesthetic and reliable glass doors

Today they have become a very popular interior solution.
They are found everywhere: in offices, shopping and entertainment centers, residential buildings, etc. Installation of glass doors
allows you to make the interior lighter and more elegant.
They fit into any design, are easy to use and very durable. Glass
doors withstand temperature changes and high humidity well, which makes them a particularly popular solution for baths and saunas.


made of glass fully perform the functions of sound insulation and space division. If the structure is completely transparent, it does not create the feeling of a barrier. The space looks free, which adds a touch of lightness and airiness to the interior. Glass can also be frosted, tinted, lightened or patterned. There is always a solution for any interior style.

Different types of opening and installation of glass doors

Installation of glass doors

occurs differently depending on the opening method:

  • swing
  • pendulum
  • sliding

The first of these are the most common. During installation

Such structures require special attention to the fastening of hinges and fittings.
the glass
itself must fit neatly and tightly to it . It looks equally great with wooden, plastic and aluminum frames.

Swing glass doors

installed mainly in shopping centers and restaurants, where there is a large flow of visitors.
When installing
, you need to take into account that the doors must swing freely in both directions.
Installation is carried out without a door frame. In the upper part, glass
doors have an axial fastening, and in the lower part there is a floor closer for fixing the doors in a certain position.

Sliding doors

found in rooms for a variety of purposes, especially where it is necessary to save as much free space as possible. Their design involves the use of special rails with rollers that guide the movement of the sashes.

Features of installing glass doors

Installation of glass doors

– the task is complex and time-consuming.
It requires special skills and experience. For proper installation
you need:

  • provide a solid base for the door leaf at the bottom and top
  • have at least two assistants who will hold the structure while fastening
  • accurately select the appropriate components and fasteners

High-quality installation of glass doors

implies easy movement of the valves.
Unprofessional work can lead to the fact that a rather heavy and expensive structure will move with difficulty, be poorly secured and pose a danger to others. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to do the installation
yourself. This task requires utmost attention and caution.

Manufacturing and installation of glass doors from professionals

In ours you can order the production of glass doors

with delivery to any address in
and high-quality
. The installation is carried out in full technical compliance with the rules and regulations.

Using the latest advances in technology, we create original glass door

in exact accordance with the client's wishes. Different types of materials are used in production:

1 Glass

Triplex structures represent a kind of layer cake. In this case, several sheets of glass are fastened together with a special film. The canvas turns out to be very durable, it is difficult to damage it, but even in the event of strong impacts, the fragments do not fly apart, but remain on the film.

2 Tempered glass is made from 4 to 15 mm thick. It is also very reliable and undergoes special processing during production. Thanks to her, even if such glass

the canvas breaks, the fragments are obtained with blunt edges that cannot be injured.

Our specialists will take precise measurements, calculate the parameters, and, if necessary, help you choose the design. The appearance and characteristics of the doors are agreed in detail with the customer.


It doesn’t take much time with our team of craftsmen.
We have a history of successfully designed, manufactured and installed glass
structures. Our employees work carefully, so you don't have to clean up construction waste.

installation price

doors may vary depending on the complexity and labor intensity of the project. You can find out more about the cost of services from our managers. Call us by phone (Moscow) or order a call back! By installing glass doors, you will notice how the room has been updated and transformed.

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