How to build a fountain on your own at your summer cottage: the necessary materials and detailed instructions

What are there

Before you go to the store to buy something for your home, you need to decide what types of popular models of decorative fountains exist. It is worth keeping in mind that the differences are significant. This mainly concerns the type of installation and the form of water supply. Based on the type of installation, devices are:

  • stationary;
  • submersible.

Stationary ones are used for giving, and can be installed anywhere. Equipped with the following components:

  • electrical cable;
  • water pump;
  • fountain bowl and decorative elements.

The main task is to choose the right site. For a small structure, a quiet, secluded place in the depths of the garden is suitable. It is desirable that it can be contemplated from all sides. It is worth remembering that the fountain must be connected to the electrical network, and for this it is necessary to lay the cable in such a way that it does not interfere with those present.

After the final choice, you need to take care of the foundation. A flat concrete base, strong and reliable, preventing soil subsidence is sufficient. If the design features of the waterfall require the bowl to be buried in the ground, then a pit must be dug and the bottom concreted. If the product has small parameters, then you can save on the foundation.

Once the foundation is established, the fountain can be installed. It is advisable to lay the cable in plastic pipes to ensure safety and prevent damage to the wiring. As soon as the installation of the product is completed, the tank is filled with water and the device is connected to the network.

Submersible models are purchased if there is a body of water on the site. It is enough to have a pool or decorative pond. The device looks like a special nozzle that facilitates the supply of water. The unit is mounted inside a reservoir and uses the water located there using a special pump.

Based on the form of water supply, the following types of fountains are distinguished:

  • tulip;
  • bell;
  • jet;
  • hemisphere;
  • fish tail;
  • ring;
  • fountains - sprayers.

The whimsicality of the shapes is achieved due to the presence of special attachments, which can be purchased either in a specialized market or ordered online in an online store. You can buy several attachments to constantly enjoy the novelty of water jets.

Fountain "Sphere"

The idea of ​​bell fountain attachments was further developed in the form of the Sphere fountain. It is a structure made of thin, radially oriented steel pipes of the same length. At the end of each tube there is a nozzle in the form of two spherical disks. After water is supplied, streams gushing from the tubes form a beautiful water hemisphere. This is one of the most technically complex fountains, since it is necessary not only to calculate the pump power, but also to carefully adjust the gap on all nozzles in order to obtain a smooth sphere. This fountain looks especially impressive with multi-colored lighting.

Fountains for cottages and apartments

Popular models can be not only garden ones. The scope of their application is much wider. A unique option is to install a home structure, preferably with various functions. It will help you calm down and come to your senses after a busy day at work.

Indoor products vary in type of placement, and therefore they are:

TabletopA distinctive feature is its small size and reasonable price. But manufacturers produce models reaching one meter in height. Basically, they are placed in ceramic or polyethylene flowerpots, decorated with flowers and moss, and a bonsai tree is installed nearby or stones are laid out. As a rule, they are sold backlit. Equipped with a silent pump.
Wall mountedAttached to the wall. Stone, copper, plastic, cast iron, and ceramics are used in production. You can find products made from other materials. If the product has significant weight, you need to make sure that the wall can withstand such a load. Fastening elements must also be strong and reliable. You can also find fountains for sale - paintings equipped with a frame. New is the “wet fountain”, which looks like a falling film covering the wall. This product requires a water inlet and floor waterproofing.
CeilingRound lampshades attached to the ceiling. Water flows from them onto the floor and enters the water intake. You can install a sculpture or an exotic plant below.

To install a garden fountain, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Sensors for changing water level.
  2. All kinds of nozzles, thanks to which the shape of the jet is regulated.
  3. Pump.
  4. Filters for water purification.

According to buyers, the most common types of garden structures are considered to be:

  1. Foaming jet or geyser option. The effect is obtained due to the presence of a jet stream. The options are different, depending on the width of the cone and the height of the column. Foam is made by mixing water and air under high pressure. The lighting adds additional beauty. A jet fountain with a height of 30 cm requires the presence of a pump for pumping liquid.
  2. Jet fountain - bell. The cuff or clutch is adjustable. If the bell height is more than 26 centimeters, you need to use a pump. It is intended to pump exclusively clean water.
  3. Fountain - sprayer. The appearance depends on the number and size of the holes present. A spray height of more than one and a half meters is achieved by installing a pump.

Fountain "Tulip"

Like previous designs, “Tulip” is the same bell fountain with disk-shaped nozzles. The difference is that the water stream comes out of them not horizontally, but upward at an angle of approximately 30-40°, forming a stream whose shape resembles a tulip flower. By its principle, the fountain resembles the flame of a gas burner, the jets of which form a similar pattern. A fountain in the form of a delicate, living flower made of water is, as a rule, preferred by people who are not alien to creativity and romance.

Design solutions

Manufacturers produce a huge number of all kinds of designs for both home and outdoor use, with different dimensions and functionality, plastic, porcelain or natural stone, inexpensive and at a significant price. But any purchase must fit perfectly into the existing interior.

Which one is better to buy depends on many design aspects:

  • presence of additional effects;
  • shape and number of bowls;
  • design style;
  • presence of architectural components;
  • device backlight.

The product must be selected so that it fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the site. The classic model looks comical in a corner overgrown with wild grapes. It is better to give preference to natural eco-style. If you study the ratings of quality products, you can drown in the variety of models. You can select compositions of various architectural forms, with one, two or three bowls, regular geometric shapes and without them, in the Baroque style and so on.

Lighting plays an important role. It gives the design charm, especially at night. As a rule, light bulbs are mounted in water. There are static types and multi-colored dynamic ones. For those who love the extraordinary, you can choose a product with special effects, for example, color music.

Materials used

What should you pay attention to so as not to make mistakes when choosing a product? On the material used. It must be of high quality, durable and reliable. Small fountains are made from synthetic and natural raw materials. Onyx, granite, travertine and marble specimens are widely popular.

Natural stones absorb the energy of nature and are ready to share it with their owners. Natural minerals can have a positive effect not only on a person’s mental state, but also on well-being, promoting recovery. The effect is doubled by water energy. There is nothing more natural than minerals, water and wood. Nature itself helps to recharge a person with positive energy, increasing his strength and abilities.

Artificial materials make it possible to give a product the most amazing shape, including copying the appearance of natural textures: clay, wood, stone, patinated bronze, and so on. In most cases, polymer concrete, porcelain stoneware, smooth polymers, and glass are used to create masterpieces.

Selecting the required pump

In the case where a fountain with a pump is not a suitable device, preference should be given to an open type of water supply. A water pipe with a tip on will provide a stream of a certain height without any pump. A well with a standard unit can also act as a source.

However, the water must still be discharged somewhere - for example, into a drainage well, river or pond. In this case, it is necessary to think about controlling the overflow of the bowl. The issue of water drainage is solved by using water from a vessel for irrigation. Of course, water heated under the sun is beneficial for plants, only with this option the operation of the fountain will be linked to the irrigation time, which will not suit everyone. The positive thing is that in this way it is possible to create a fountain without a pump.

You can consider the following option: the container, which in this case will play the role of a receiver, is installed at a height of at least 3 meters to ensure an acceptable and constant jet height. If you place the container at an elevation of 0.5-1 m, you will get a fountain-stream with a slow flow of water. However, you will still have to supply water to it.

Otherwise, you will have to collect water from a container located under the fountain using a submersible pump and send it through the hose back to the reservoir. A submersible pump is inexpensive, but a filter will be required in the system. To camouflage the equipment, a pit should be constructed. To prevent the storage bowl from overflowing, you can install a water level control valve at the inlet of the container - the simplest one from a toilet tank will do.

To build a compact mini fountain with your own hands, it is better to use an ordinary plastic basin or a similar container.

For large structures, they often use used bathtubs or dig a pit of the required size on their own.

They also dig a hole of a certain size under the bathtub so that its edges do not rise above ground level.


Check in advance to see if any cracks or holes in the bathtub need to be sealed. If not, feel free to lower it into the prepared pit and secure it with stones, sand and earth.

If you do not have the necessary container, you can dig a pit yourself, taking into account the selected dimensions. Then they are covered with durable polyethylene and reinforced with stones along the edges. The bottom is completely and evenly covered with various smooth stones.

It is not at all necessary to purchase expensive materials to build a fountain with your own hands; you can safely use used ones. But it’s still better to shell out money for a pump and buy a good one.

A submersible pump is the most suitable option. It acts like a centrifuge. The surface type of pump is more often used for large fountains and reservoir cascades, and when installing it in a summer cottage, installation is carried out at the edge of the reservoir.

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The diameter of the pipe is also important when determining the power, because the stream should flow powerfully from the fountain, and not ooze, depicting some kind of fading spring.

To build it, prepare: a large flower pot, a tray, paints, a water pump, outlines, and decor.

  • Paint the pot with paints;
  • Make a hole at the bottom of the pot;
  • Place the pump under the tray;
  • We pass the pump tube through the pot hole;
  • Cover the bottom with pebbles;
  • We decorate with different things and vegetation;
  • Fill with water.

Advantages and disadvantages of decorative fountains

This product has now become very popular and popular due to its decorative properties. A garden specimen becomes a decoration of any site and attracts the attention of visitors. It’s nice to watch how clear water flows through a simple complex or foamy streams are released.

In addition to being decorative, fountains also have practical significance. This device belongs to air humidifiers. Next to it on a hot summer day it will be comfortable and cool. If it is built into an artificial pond, then you can admire the aquatic plants growing there. This is a real paradise for fish.

As for the negative aspects, there are few of them, but they are present. If you choose the wrong place for a stationary structure, you can spoil the appearance of the site and create a lot of inconvenience for the owners. The jet released should be directed only into the bowl, and not at the house, garden furniture or flowers planted nearby. Excess moisture can negatively affect the development of plants and permanently damage things. Even splashes can cause irreparable damage to property.

Step-by-step construction of a home fountain

Decorative fountains for the home are not only beautiful, but very original for any interior. Let's look at a very simple water design.

For construction you will need:

  • large flower pot with tray
  • water pump
  • paints and decorative accessories

Take a pot and make a small hole in the bottom, then install a pump under the pan, while the tube itself must be passed through the hole.

So, your DIY mini fountain is ready. You can emphasize its uniqueness by equipping it with lighting; this will give a unique and slightly magical atmosphere in the evening.

The construction of the fountain consists of the following stages:

  • digging a pit;
  • strengthening the trench ditch;
  • immersing the tank or covering it with polyethylene;
  • pump installation;
  • decorative arrangement.

How to choose

Everyone has their own selection criteria. Some pay attention to the naturalness of the components, others to the functionality, still others to the rating, and still others to compactness. Of no small importance is how much the product costs and the scope of its use. Which company is better depends on a person's preferences. The best models produced by the world's leading manufacturers have excellent characteristics, but their average price is too high for the average owner of a country home to afford.

Today the question of where to buy a product is not worth it. There are enough specialized markets and each one is able to offer a lot of options from budget to premium class, both domestic and foreign production. If you decide to place an order in an online store, then experts recommend first reviewing the product offered, looking at ratings, reading reviews, carefully studying photos, and then placing an order.

Homemade structures are suitable for a decorative pond. Step-by-step instructions posted on the Internet will tell you how to make a small fountain at home. Everything will work out for someone who is used to doing everything with their own hands. If you have free time, the necessary tools and materials, skill, experience and desire, the result can be stunning. A self-made item will have no analogues. And individuality is always valued.

Rating of the best decorative fountains for 2020

Floor models

Fairy Island

Handmade. The composition, with a height of 100 to 180 cm (depending on the volume of the bowl), will fit perfectly both in the office and in the open air. The author's design completely eliminates repetition, so the product will be unique of its kind. You can choose the colors and design of the houses yourself. Any wish of the client is fulfilled.

The average cost of production is 36,000 rubles.

decorative fountain Fairy Island


  • individuality;
  • grace;
  • quality;
  • the presence of lighting and a humidifier;
  • suitable for any interior.


  • none.


Belongs to the category of corner floor interior structures. Visually resembles a rock. Parameters: 2.1*1.9*0.7 m. Will complement the interior of a home, office, restaurant, hall. You can make individual suggestions regarding colors and sizes. Any wishes are taken into account by the performer. As a rule, it is made to order. The process takes a maximum of one and a half months.

The average price is 72,000 rubles.

decorative fountain Rock


  • rich appearance;
  • environmental cleanliness;
  • long service life;
  • quality of materials used.


  • significant cost.

Floor model with lighting, houses, fog, with flower pots and animals

The corner design of impressive dimensions: 2*1.2*1.5 m will decorate any room, regardless of its purpose. The water flows smoothly over the ledges. The houses and castles are lit with dim light. In the dark the product looks majestic.

The sellers are asking 90,000 rubles for the goods.

decorative fountain Floor model with lighting, houses, fog, with flowerpots for flowers and animals


  • decoration of any type of room;
  • optimally selected colors;
  • massiveness;
  • fabulousness;
  • reliability;
  • long service life.


  • not installed.

Fairy Island – 2

Floor installation on the leg. Author's work. The diameter of the product is 50 cm, the height is 170 cm. The houses are illuminated, creating the appearance of fog. Can be installed in an office space or apartment for a touch of sophistication. Contemplating this work, you involuntarily plunge into the world of fairy tales and adventures, glorious knights and beautiful princesses, remember your childhood and enjoy carelessness.

The average price is 37,000 rubles.

decorative fountain Fairy Island – 2


  • perfect lighting;
  • high-quality design;
  • absence of unnecessary details;
  • thoughtful design;
  • combination of price and quality;
  • reliability;
  • durability.


  • none.

coral reef

The tabletop model is made in the shape of a coral. It is distinguished by its small dimensions (50*30 cm) and sophistication. It does not take up much free space, so there is no problem in installing it even in a small room. Illumination and fog add special charm. Shells and artificial greenery were used as decoration.

The product is sold at a price of 9900 rubles.

decorative fountain Coral reef


  • compact;
  • comfortable;
  • exotic;
  • modest but tasteful;
  • inexpensive;
  • durable;
  • qualitative.


  • none.

Lotus, F 328

Listen to the advice of experts and purchase this product. Large in size, consists of three bowls arranged in a cascading order. The water creates noise as it flows through the metal tubes. Natural porcelain is used in production. Assembly, painting and casting are done by hand.

For such a unique design, it’s not a pity to pay 220,000 rubles.

decorative fountain Lotus, F 328


  • environmental cleanliness;
  • naturalness;
  • grace;
  • handmade;
  • glassy glaze does not leak or fly around;
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning;
  • long service life;
  • reliability.


  • significant weight (100 kg);
  • noise level is high.

The Little Prince, H 106 cm

Sculpture of a boy sitting on a ball. The porcelain product weighs only 19 kg. All stages of work, such as casting, assembly and painting, are done manually. Water flowing from the jug flows over the surface of the ball, which has a pump for circulating the liquid. The jet pressure can be adjusted.

In order for the product to serve for many years and not cause inconvenience, the following operating rules should be followed:

  • regularly add filtered or distilled water;
  • carefully study the instructions for use;
  • monitor the liquid level;
  • remove limescale;
  • replace the water if its properties deteriorate and an odor appears;
  • Before cleaning, turn off the product from the power supply.

The product can be purchased at a price of 42,700 rubles.

decorative fountain The Little Prince, H 106 cm


  • convenient to put in order;
  • quality and naturalness of the material used;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • will decorate any room;
  • value for money.


  • not identified.


A high-quality product is made of cast porcelain, mirror, aluminum, PVC, sea pebbles. Equipped with a unique orange backlight manufactured by the famous German company Seliger. Design dimensions: 107*46*46 cm, weight – 35 kg. Sold in convenient packaging.

The average price is 60,010 rubles.

decorative fountain Mirror


  • compact;
  • fits into any interior;
  • easy to use;
  • reliable;
  • long service life;
  • naturalness of the material;
  • easy to clean;
  • handmade.


  • not installed.

Tabletop models


Author's product. It has small parameters: 45 x 30 cm, which allows it to be installed on any table, even a desk. Looking at the work, you seem to be transported to tropical countries, where sun-drenched bunches of ripe and sweet grapes hang on strong vines, mountains are visible in the distance, local residents treat visitors to homemade wine.

Water pours in two streams: one onto the wheel, which begins to spin under pressure, the other from the jug. You can order a product with colored mist, or place an animal, such as an elephant, next to it.

The average price is 10,500 rubles.

decorative fountain Grapevine


  • author's work;
  • uniqueness;
  • uniqueness;
  • grace;
  • you can choose a color scheme;
  • inexpensive;
  • an excellent gift for any occasion.


  • none.


The name speaks for itself. Shells and starfish were used as decorations. There is light fog, houses, trees. The height varies from 80 to 110 cm. You can choose a diameter of 40 – 50 cm. It will decorate any room.

The average cost is 11,000 rubles.

decorative fountain Sea


  • workmanship;
  • small dimensions;
  • light weight;
  • stylishness;
  • natural ingredients are present.


  • not identified.

Green Apple, Frogs

Table fountain with lighting. The material of manufacture is polystone. The manufacturer chose a frog as the main character. A very kind and elegant little thing that will decorate any room.

The average cost is 7024 rubles.

decorative fountain Green Apple, Frogs


  • durability;
  • compactness;
  • no frills;
  • thoughtful plot;
  • calms;
  • lifts the mood;
  • protects from the evil eye and damage;
  • improves well-being.


  • not installed.

Corinth with LED backlight

A Dutch company has launched the production of tabletop fountains, looking at which you forget about the bustle of the city, problems at work, and life’s ups and downs. The design helps you plunge into an atmosphere of complete relaxation, calm down and unwind. Gently flowing streams will allow you to achieve peace of mind and inner harmony. Any place is suitable for installation: on the veranda, in the bedroom, in the hall. The main thing is the presence of an electrical network. Polyresin and plastic were used in production. The gray color is not at all burdensome.

The average price is 3050 rubles.

decorative fountain Corinth with LED lighting


  • small sizes;
  • light weight;
  • quality materials;
  • has a beneficial effect on humans.


  • none.

Orb of Wisdom

Quite a compact thing. Dimensions 190 x 190 x 190 mm. Weighs only 2.5 kg. Sold in convenient packaging. Water, pouring out of the ball, glistening, pours into the bowl. A pump is provided for pumping liquid. You can increase or decrease the jet pressure yourself using a special regulator.

The cost of production is 6900 rubles.

decorative fountain Sphere of Wisdom


  • easy to clean;
  • with proper care it will last a long time;
  • compact;
  • easy;
  • practical;
  • elegant;
  • promotes calm and upliftment;
  • inexpensive;
  • silent;
  • handmade;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • safety;
  • reliability;
  • warranty period – three years;
  • can be ordered on the manufacturer's website.


  • not identified.


The manufacturer uses noble environmentally friendly porcelain and high-strength glaze coating in the manufacture of products. Completely handmade. The customer can make his proposals before the design begins. An additional option is provided - color illumination.

The average price is 5,700 rubles.

decorative fountain Seasons


  • sophistication;
  • individuality;
  • quality;
  • creative work;
  • affordable price;
  • three-year warranty;
  • free delivery.


  • not identified.

Nikea, 41 cm

The products are manufactured in the Middle Kingdom under the brand of the Dutch company Kaemingk. The quality is worthy of respect. Visually it resembles an antique vase, so it will be an excellent gift for those who know a lot about antique things. Decoration for both a country house and an office space. Classic shapes combine surprisingly with modern materials. Thanks to the LED filter, a warm and gentle light breaks through from inside the structure, the glare of which is reflected in the flowing water. Made in the Greek style, it will suit any interior.

Implementers are asking 12,031 rubles for the design.

decorative fountain Nicaea, 41 cm


  • use of quality materials;
  • calms;
  • restores mental balance;
  • helps relax;
  • removes negative energy;
  • can be used both outdoors and indoors;
  • the presence of an automatic shutdown function;
  • combination of price and quality;
  • sold in convenient packaging;
  • long service life;
  • convenient dimensions.


  • none.

Two kittens on a broken jug without a wheel

The composition is more suitable for children and will become a unique addition to a children's room. Two little kittens climbed onto a broken jug and are calmly resting there. The flowing stream quietly “purrs”, creating a cheerful atmosphere, lifting the children’s spirits. The height of the structure is small - only 140 mm. High-quality polystone was used in production. You can purchase a copy with a pump.

The average price is 1180 rubles.

decorative fountain Two kittens on a broken jug without a wheel


  • an ideal gift for kids;
  • calms;
  • attracts the eye;
  • lifts the mood;
  • sets you up for positivity;
  • promotes relaxation;
  • safe;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • reliable;
  • long service life;
  • inexpensive.


  • not identified.


This home compact fountain is more fun than serious. The exhibition features three palm trees and a hippopotamus against the backdrop of a rock. Dimensions: 36*42*42 cm, weight – 9 kg. The manufacturer produces products from environmentally friendly noble porcelain. Its safety is guaranteed by a quality certificate. An original gift for the younger generation, nature lovers, and connoisseurs of beauty.

You can purchase the product in convenient packaging at a price of 14,810 rubles.

decorative fountain Hippopotamus


  • average noise level;
  • safety;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • durability;
  • covered with special glaze;
  • strength;
  • cleans well;
  • handmade.


  • not installed.


A tabletop fountain will not only decorate your room, but will also focus on long-term plans, help you analyze the situation and draw the right conclusion, get out of a dead end, and restore relationships with your loved one. It looks like a mountain cave, inside of which lives a turtle - a symbol of wisdom and longevity. An original gift for those who are used to doing everything thoughtfully, are focused on the positive, and are ready to share positive energy with loved ones.

The price of the product is 13,010 rubles.

decorative fountain Cave


  • a gift with subtext;
  • helps to be more prudent and kinder;
  • directs in the right direction;
  • makes the head work in the right direction;
  • protects against rash decisions;
  • original;
  • average noise level;
  • compact sizes.


  • none.

Two pigeons

Despite its considerable height (65 cm), the structure is usually installed on a table. The fountain is covered with white milky glaze. Two pigeons are perched on a hill and cooing gently. The water originates in the upper part of the ball, where the figures are located, and through thin metal tubes flows first into a small bowl, and then into a large one. Spectacular wedding table decoration.

The average price is 52,010 rubles.

decorative fountain Two doves


  • made of natural porcelain;
  • handmade;
  • easy to disassemble for washing;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • long service life;
  • originality;
  • sophistication;
  • can be ordered online.


  • too noisy;
  • Not everyone can afford it.

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